• 48 different weather types with a powerful weather API
  • Showing current weather and 3 day weather forecast (mouse over the weather info box)
  • Beautiful CSS3 animations with jQuery fallback
  • Responsive sizes from 240×200 to 1300×600 pixels (content, images and font size are also auto resizing!)
  • Multiple (unlimited) locations in one slider
  • Multiple (unlimited) sliders on your site with unique settings!
  • Custom Location Search Bar (users can type their custom location)
  • Auto-Slideshow and Auto-Refresh features (optional)
  • Updated, reliable geolocation feature (powered by MaxMind)
  • 12 or 24 hour time format
  • Touch Control for mobile devices (tested under iOS)
  • Keyboard navigation (optional)
  • Supports all major browsers
New York beijing